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.. and welcome to my website! My name is Jussi Tuomi and I’m a programmer and a game developer from Finland. I specialize in Unity and C#. Right now I’m working on Zecha Tactics, a turn-based RPG inspired by 80s and 90s mecha anime 🤖. My interests are learning, reading, video games, starting too many new prototypes and going traveling sometimes. 🗺️

Async FSM using UniTask

Introduction In this post I’m going through steps to implement an asynchronous finite-state machine (FSM) in Unity, using async/await library UniTask. In the end you’ll have a nice modular state machine with all the usual stuff you would expect to find in a FMS. We’ll also take a look at how we can run update loops independently of monobehaviours / gameobjects. You can follow along or hop directly to my GitHub to explore the repository which contains the full project....

April 22, 2022 · 8 min · Jussi Tuomi